//Peyote & Mescaline , Buttons, Cactus, Mesc, And Peyoto FOR SALE

Peyote & Mescaline , Buttons, Cactus, Mesc, And Peyoto FOR SALE


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Peyote & Mescaline , Buttons, Cactus, Mesc, and Peyoto

Peyote & Mescaline , Buttons, Cactus, Mesc, and Peyoto  is a small, spineless cactus. The active ingredient in peyote is the hallucinogen mescaline.


From earliest recorded time, peyote has been used by natives in northern Mexico and the southwestern United States as a part of their religious rites. Mescaline can be extracted from peyote or produced synthetically.

What are common street names?

Common street names include:
Buttons, Cactus, Mesc, and Peyoto


Mescaline produces perceptual, cognitive, and emotional experiences that vary widely among users based on size, setting, expectations, personality, and drug history. The only documented long-term effect of mescaline is a possible prolonged psychotic state similar to that of paranoid schizophrenia. It is suggested that this may only affect those who were previously diagnosed as mentally ill.

Physical Effects

• Numbness, tension, anxiety, rapid reflexes, muscle twitches and weakness, impaired motor coordination, dizziness, trembling, dilation of the pupils
• Increased blood pressure and heart rate
• Intense nausea and violence
• Appetite suppression
• Elevated body temperature and sweating
• Chills and sweating

Psychological Effects

• Vivid mental images and distorted vision
• Synesthesia: perception of seeing music or hearing colors
• Altered space and time perception
• Joy, exhilaration, panic, extreme anxiety, or terror
• Distorted sense of body (users can feel either weighed down or weightless)
• Heightened sensory experience (i.e. brighter colors, sharper visual definition, increased hearing acuity, more distinguished taste)
• Difficulty focusing, maintaining attention, concentrating, and thinking
• Loss of sense of reality; melding past experiences with present
• Preoccupation with trivial thoughts, experiences, or objects


• Slang Terms for Peyote:
o Bad seed, britton, hikori, hikuli, half moon, hyatari, P, nubs, seni, tops
• Slang Terms for Mescaline:
o Cactus, cactus buttons, cactus joint, mesc, mescal, mese, mezc, moon, topi
• Use and Users
o Cactus head – peyote user
o Love trip – mescaline and MDMA or MDA

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