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WHAT IS 3-Methylmethcathinone (3-MMC) ?

similar to amphetamines. Pharmacological studies on 3-MMC are lacking. However, the
general pharmacology of 3-MMC may be expected to be similar to that of its structural
isomer mephedrone (4-MMC).

a. Evidence on dependence and abuse potential

As pointed out in the critical review, no studies are available on the dependence and
abuse potential of 3-MMC. Analytically confirmed use of 3-MMC has been reported
in cases. The extent of use/abuse is unknown.

b. Risks to individual and society because of misuse

The number of publications on analytically confirmed 3-MMC intoxications is scarce
in the scientific literature. Five fatal cases were reported from Poland, 1 from France,
1 from Norway, and 1 from the UK. In all cases, 3-MMC was found in blood in
combination with one or more other psychoactive substances (alcohol included). The
association with 3-MMC is weak in all of these cases. In Sweden, 3-MMC was
detected in 50 out of 786 cases included in the Swedish STRIDA project in the
period August 2012 – March 2014. Poly-drug use was common and 3-MMC monointoxication
was seen in only 4 (8%) cases. Adverse health effects included
tachycardia, agitation, reduced level of consciousness, dilated pupils, hallucinations,
diaphoresis, seizures, and hyperthermia. One non-fatal intoxication was reported
from Poland, but again the association with 3-MMC is weak. In several European
countries, 3-MMC has occasionally been detected in traffic drivers, usually in
combination with other psychoactive substances.

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